Neighborhood Picnics

Picnics in the park are open to all residents and their guests. Please bring a side dish or dessert, and $3/person for the kitty. Also remember to bring your own drinks, as well as blankets and/or lawn chairs. Plates, utensils and napkins are provided, but bringing your own is also greatly appreciated! Keep in mind that our picnics are held in a public city park, in which alcoholic beverages are not permitted, use discretion. No dogs please.

Host a Picnic!

The responsibilities of a picnic host are:

  • Make arrangements for main course and/or picnic create and distribute a flyer.
  • Include theme/main dish, time and a reminder to donation to kitty $3.00/person.
  • Distribute to all residents (all housing units) between Tuesday and Thursday prior to picnic date. You can ask the Block Captains to help distribute.
  • Arrange to get picnic supplies, inventory prior to date and replenish if needed.
  • Find a sponsor, if possible. Many of the area restaurants are happy to sponsor the picnic as a means of promotion. If no sponsor is found just use the “kitty” to reimburse yourself for any expenses.

Newcom Park

Park Rules

Newcom Park is a city park, and its use is subject to the General Park Rules andRegulations established by the City of Dayton Department of Public Works. Click here to download the Park Rules and Regulations.

Private Park Events

Click here to download the Private Use Permit to reserve the Park/Gazebo for private events.

Then email the completed form to:

Fun Facts!
The Gazebo in Newcom park was designed and built by residents in 1985, and has since become a focal point of our neighborhood and symbolizes all that is good about this community we call Oregon. On July 4, 2001, a dedication ceremony was held to name the gazebo in honor of our neighborhood pioneers, Bill and Joanne Henkel.