The Oregon Historic District News is published quarterly, and mailed to all residents and active members of the OHDS. If you have an article, story, or information that effects the neighborhood, please e-mail it to our Editor-in-Chief Jana Fornario at Deadline to submit articles will be announced through email and Nextdoor. If you are a business or individual interested in sponsoring a newsletter, please send an email to:

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Block Captains

Please contact these individuals to identify new neighbors or to report issues on your street. For general questions about the Block Captain program, contact

6th & Patterson: Katie Joseph
Brown St.: Sharon Smith
Cass St.: Vacant
Clay St.: John Bognar
Green St. (East): Vacant
Green St. (West): Barb Smith
Hess St.: Stephanie Slowinski
Jackson St.: Vacant
Jones St.: Scott Ervin
Tecumseh St.: Dulie Greer
Van Buren St.: Todd Crawford

Important Phone Numbers

Abandoned Vehicles 333-1038
Water Billing 333-3550
Bulk Waste Pickup 333-4833
Sidewalk/Curb Repair 333-3853
Landmarks Commission 333-3673
Street Cleaning 333-4808
Police 333-COPS
Fire/Ambulance 333-3473
SE Priority Board 333-7373
Zoning Administrator 333-3887
Housing Inspection 333-3921